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Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.94

Posted by Cimetrix on Nov 5, 2014 11:54:00 AM

The semiconductor industry may have seen a pause during the current growth cycle. For the first time in almost a year, the North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted a book-to-bill ratio of less than parity. According to SEMI, there were $1.17 billion in orders worldwide in September 2014 (on a three-month average basis) and a book-to-bill ratio of 0.94. A book-to-bill of 0.94 means that $94 worth of orders were received for every $100 of product billed for the month.

The bookings figure of $1.17 billion is 12.9% below the final August 2014 level of $1.35 billion, and is 18.1% higher than the September 2013 order level of $992.8 million.

The three-month average of worldwide billings in September 2014 was $1.25 billion, which is 3.3% lower than in August, but is 22.5 % higher than the September 2013 billings level of $1.02 billion.

According to Denny McGuirk, president and CEO of SEMI "While order activity moderated, equipment spending this year is expected to be robust and remain on pace for double-digit year-over-year growth.”

Sept 2014 SEMI Book-to-Bill Chart

To read the complete report, visit

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Semi Capital Equipment Spending Up More Than 17% in 2014

Posted by Cimetrix on Oct 23, 2014 2:42:00 PM

At Cimetrix, we are always keeping an eye on industry forecasts to see how industry analysts are analyzing market trends.

According to market research analysts at Gartner, the semiconductor capital equipment spending is expected to rise 17.1% in 2014.

There is good news for the wafer fabrication equipment sector. Even with a slight dip in 2016, Gartner is forecasting long term growth through 2018.

Gartner Forecast Wafer Fab Equipment Oct 2014

On the other hand, Gartner is forecasting a significant drop off in both die packaging and assembly equipment  and in automatic test equipment (ATE) spending in 2016. Gartner is forecasting wafer level packaging and assembly equipment spending will remain steady through 2018.

Gartner Forecast Back End Equipment Oct 2014 resized 600

To see the complete release, visit

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SCW10 Follow Up

Posted by Cimetrix on Jul 19, 2010 4:48:00 PM

We've returned home from the show... tired, but excited about some of the great discussions and opportunities from the show! Although it was evident that SEMICON West is changing, it was also clear that the industry is rebounding and many new projects are getting underway.

Here a couple of quick snap shots of our booth:

SEMICON West 2010 Booth

SEMICON West 2010 booth 2

We will be following up with visitors and customers this week. If you saw us at the show, thanks for stopping by and we look forward to continuing the conversation!

Also as reminder, from now until August 27, you can catch up on keynotes and select presentations at the Virtual SEMICON West site:

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SEMICON West 2010

Posted by Cimetrix on Jul 8, 2010 12:57:00 PM

describe the imageThe semiconductor industry's largest event of the year, SEMICON West, is right around the corner.  And with the market in recovery, we expect it to be a good turn out and a great show.

This year, Cimetrix has several exciting new developments to discuss at the show:

  • GEM Implementation - Faster & Better
    We've been at work developing a new solution that enables an even faster GEM implementation... while still improving the already high level of quality you've come to expect from Cimetrix. Designed to cover 90% of typical GEM interfaces, the new solution helps reduce time to market (and headaches) for our customers.
  • The Year for Interface A - Are you Ready?
    ISMI announced the new Freeze Version of the Interface A Standards on June 17. Also, with increased SEMI investment and fabs requiring implementation, this has quickly become a hot topic. Is your software able to support multiple versions of the Interface A standard at the same time? Are you set up to adopt the new version effectively and efficiently?

We would love the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and projects with you further at the show.

schedule meeting button2

Not registered for the show?  Email us for a free pass.

We will be in the South Hall - Booth #2331.

See you at the show!

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Connect. Chat. Collaborate.

Posted by Cimetrix on Mar 11, 2010 7:47:00 AM

by DeAnn Rowan,

As a blog reader, we would like to ask you a question:

So….What do you think?

We’ve been at this blogging thing for 6 months (almost to the day) now. We’ve seen a lot of interest as the traffic to our blog posts continues to rise at a rapid pace. The entire Cimetrix team has provided contributions and feels passionate about the information that we have been sharing with readers.

Some of our most popular posts to date – and ones you’ll want to check out if you haven’t already - include a narrative touting the benefits of software frameworks, a comparison of the data collection functions of SECS/GEM and Interface A, and the answer to the “He Said/ She Said” game between equipment and host.

What have you found to be the most valuable?
What topics would you like to see discussed more? Or less?

We want to be a resource of information for you regarding the SEMI connectivity standards and their implementation. As you read through our blog, please feel free to ask questions or provide insight on the topics being discussed. We welcome your comments!

In addition to this blog, we encourage you to interact with us, and others within the manufacturing community, via various social media networks:

Cimetrix Twitter   Cimetrix Facebook   Cimetrix LinkedIn   Cimetrix RSS   

Use these avenues as an alternative means to ask questions, provide feedback, and stay abreast of any industry or Cimetrix updates.

Thank you for your continued readership and we look forward to future discussions.

Connect with Us on LinkedIn:

Also check out the resources page of our website which offers several white papers, presentations, and articles for download on these topics!

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Navigating a Downturn

Posted by Cimetrix on Oct 23, 2009 8:41:00 AM

by Bob Reback,
President and CEO

Running a company during an industry downturn presents quite a challenge. I have always thought I would someday be the president of a company. However, during this severe semiconductor down cycle, the thought that you should “be careful what you wish for” certainly came to mind a few times. Even though Cimetrix is a small company, successfully navigating a business through a severe downturn that hit the semiconductor industry requires a combination of critical thinking, tough decisions and a durable stomach.

The decision making process must consider the perspectives of all stakeholders - including investors, customers, employees and suppliers. The primary objective is clearly to make sure the business survives through the downturn. The secondary objectives relate to how to best satisfy customers, investors, employees and suppliers while making sure objective number one is met.

More than ever, this requires extensive communication with all parties. Not every party will be happy with your decisions. However, having sound analysis for your decisions, along with open and honest communications can ensure that all parties understand and, most importantly, accept the decisions.

Like almost all companies that serve the semiconductor industry, Cimetrix’s revenues suffered severe declines in the first half of 2009. The dramatic decline in revenues was the root cause of the crisis, as revenue brings in the necessary cash flow to pay employees and other business obligations. In addition, the severity of this down cycle caused more customers than anticipated to cease operations as a result of either bankruptcy or a parent company shutting down a division. Even though our primary competitor filed for bankruptcy and ultimately sold off its assets, there is no joy as you empathize for all of the affected employees without a job.

Fortunately, Cimetrix has a great team and everyone pitched in to help ensure the company successfully navigated through this down cycle. This includes our customers, employees, suppliers and investors. We are now seeing evidence that our customer’s businesses are starting to improve and the industry is on the mend, which is leading to increased revenues for Cimetrix. By retaining all of our key customers and a solid team of employees, we are well prepared and positioned for growing the business going forward.

Please join me in attending the SEMI® webinar, Industry Research & Statistics, to learn more about the future of the semiconductor industry.

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Are we in recovery yet?

Posted by Cimetrix on Sep 22, 2009 7:38:00 AM

by Dave Faulkner
Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Semiconductor Financial RecoveryIt is starting to feel like a recovery in the semiconductor industry.  Wall Street is saying to keep on eye on semiconductor stocks and even semiconductor equipment stocks.  SEMI just reported that worldwide semiconductor equipment bookings for Q2 2009 were 83% greater than Q1 2009.  Capacity utilization is likely to reach 88% in Q3 2009 according to IC Insights, up from 57% in Q1 2009.   And the SEMI World Fab Forecast is now calling for a 64% increase in fab spending in 2010.  The fear is starting to subside.   Q1/Q2 2009 appear to be the low point for equipment suppliers and we appear to be heading up the hill, but starting from a very low elevation.  I think we are finally in the recovery.

We have a very unique look at the semiconductor industry.  Our customers report tool shipments based on license orders.  And our customer base is very broad including all tool types in the frontend and backend.  We see who is booming and who is busting.  While we would never, never, never discuss individual company progress, I can say that shipments (via way of license revenues) have hit their bottom and are on the way back up.  And we are seeing this in all areas of the semiconductor industry.  It is like seeing a bit of blue sky during the storm, it gives us hope for all.  We just need to give the rest of the storm clouds time to move on…..

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